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4481 East Avenue
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Tri-Valley Church of Christ is a family of Christian believers who live in and around Livermore, California. Come worship God with us.

Adult Education

An overview of the adult education and worship programs at Tri-Valley Church of Christ.

Sunday Morning Classes

We have adult Bible study classes every Sunday at 9:00am in the Family Life Center and the Worship Center.

Kingdom Eyes — Led by Jacob Parnell in The Well

Jesus taught using images his hearers would have recognized and understood. He said the kingdom of Heaven is like a net, a pearl merchant, a mustard seed, a man who sowed seed, and a treasure hidden in a field. Jesus used fictional stories as well as current events to teach his disciples kingdom principles. In this six-week training session, we'll work on developing our kingdom eyes by connecting spiritual principles to seemingly ordinary stories and activities that we’ll experience together.

All for Hymn — led by Bill Aimonetti in the Auditorium

Music is one of the tools God gave us to connect with Him and worship Him. During these six weeks, we‘ll explore how music connects us to God, sing some of our favorite hymns, and learn some new worship songs.




"Last Week"

In the Sundays leading up to Easter, we’re going to look, day by day, at the last week of Jesus’ life in order to help us understand and appreciate his path from the gates of Jerusalem, to the cross, to the grave, to the right hand of God the Father.


As always, if you've missed one of our Sunday sermons, you can catch up with our online recordings.