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4481 East Avenue
Livermore, CA, 94550

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Tri-Valley Church of Christ is a family of Christian believers who live in and around Livermore, California. Come worship God with us.

Adult Education

An overview of the adult education and worship programs at Tri-Valley Church of Christ.

Sunday Morning Classes

We have adult Bible study classes every Sunday at 9:00am in the Family Life Center and the Worship Center.

Prayer Stations

All teens and adults will journey through 10 prayer stations in an effort to enhance our understanding and practice of prayer. Prayer is so much deeper and more varied than we often get to experience in corporate worship, so we’re offering an opportunity to experience some of this variety during this hour. We’ll divide into smaller groups that will rotate through stations focused on different topics and styles of prayer (1 group per station per week). Brief descriptions of the 10 stations are included in the kick-off packet. Signs with extra directions are posted in the foyer.

Mid-Week Classes

  • Wednesday Nights Senior Saints at 7pm will study Jule Miller’s Visualized Bible Study Series. This time- tested, soul-winning format is a great way to share Christ with friends and neighbors as well as strengthen new Christians. This series contains a panorama of the Bible in full color, a clear explanation of God's plan for redeeming man by grace through faith, and an overview of church history.




Sunday Morning Series

Better Together: the Sunday Gathering — September 24  -November 26
Why do we gather every Sunday? Why is it important to assemble? Why do we sing, pray, read Scripture, share the Lord's Supper? This series will seek to answer those questions by exploring the history of God calling His people to assemble, from the children of Israel to the early church. This study will give us a better understanding of who we are as a church, why it's important to gather, what we should expect from our time together, and how that transforms us in the image of Jesus as we go out into the world.

If you've missed any of this series, you can catch up with our online recordings.

The Spirit of Christ — December 3 - December 24
This topical series will look at annual Christmas traditions — Giving, Celebration, Rest and Hospitality — and how they reflect God's desire for us to live Spirit-filled lives. By looking at what many people are already doing during this festive time of year, we'll seek to affirm Christian values and virtues and encourage people to continue living them out for Christ throughout the year.