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Tri-Valley Church of Christ is a family of Christian believers who live in and around Livermore, California. Come worship God with us.

Sunday Morning Sermons

Here's a collection of our recorded sermons from Sunday mornings. We hope they are enriching and a blessing.

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Me or We?

Jacob Parnell

The church at Corinth was more a gathering of individuals than the unified body of Christ. We listen in as Paul instructs them in the ways of being a Gospel-reflecting church.

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Jacob Parnell

When God spoke to the Israelites, their response was "We will obey!" So too, our response to the Lord should be joyful obedience.

Sermon Text: Exodus 24, Nehemiah 8

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Jacob Parnell

When Moses came down from his meeting with God, he was noticeably different. After encountering the Lord in worship, we too should be transformed more into the image of Jesus Christ.

Sermon Text : Exodus 33

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